Hoyle Trophy

Hoyle Trophy


This is the first round report I’ve done, hopefully of many.

Its probably my last medal round of the year now as i’m just about to go on holiday and the season is almost at an end.

It turned out to be a really good score, playing off 16 (15.6) and i made it into the buffer zone with an 88 (+2).

The Card

Hoyle Trophy 2017


Really happy overall, very steady scoring all the way through and no real disaster holes.

Slightly disappointed that i let 3 shots slip in the last 3 holes.

Hole 1 – (E) – 5 Nett 4

  • Hit the fairway
  • Cleared the ditch
  • Hit the green
  • Overshot the hole
  • Good scrambling put

I think the 2nd shot made this hole, its always a tricky decision for me whether to lay up as its quite a long par 4 with a hazard about 100 yards from the green.

Hole 2 – (E) – 4 Nett 3

  • Through the back of the green
  • Nasty chip shot but hit the green
  • Near miss
  • Tap in

Unlucky to hit the bank at the back of the green and stick, which left a nasty little chip on to the green. Happy to escape with a 4

Hole 3 – (E) – 5 Nett 4

  • Missed the fairway long but in a good position
  • Hybrid over the hazard, missed the green to the right
  • Short sided chip over a bunker onto the green
  • Looooooong put but almost holed it
  • Tap in

Steady hole, happy with the drive and 2nd, chip could have been better but was safely over the bunker and on the green. Great first putt!

Hole 4 – (E) – 5 Nett 4

  • Hit the fairway
  • Hybrid over the hazard but miss the fairway to the right
  • Chip onto the green
  • Poor putt, way past the hole
  • Good scramble, in the hole!

Put myself in trouble with the 2nd shot, missing the fairway. Its another long par 4 so I can’t really go for the green. First putt was way too hard, very happy to get out of there with a 5.

Hole 5 – (E) – 5 Nett 4

  • Missed the fairway to the right – almost into the hazard
  • Steady 7 iron, back into play
  • SHANK!
  • Chip on about 8 feet from the pin
  • Good scrambling putt again, up and down

Not a good hole, stroke 1 and my first bad drive. Then throw in an out and out shank, chip onto the green saved a 5.

Hole 6 – (+1) – 6 Nett 5

  • Hit the fairway – one of the best drives all year on this hole!
  • Should have laid up! Long iron over the hazard, sliced right and short of the green
  • Chip onto the green
  • Poor downhill putt, raced it past the hole
  • Reasonable attempt but left myself too much to do
  • Uh-Oh! its a 3 putt

Gutted to drop the first shot with a 3 putt. First 6 holes are the hardest on the course though so still in good shape.

Hole 7 – (+1) – 3 Nett 3

  • Nice shot to the centre of the green. Unlucky to stop dead and trickle back down the slope.
  • Putt tried to run away past the hole but not bad
  • 8 foot putt for par!

Even though I don’t get a shot on this hole, first par of the round and a great little bounce back after the dropped shot.

Hole 8 – (+1) – 5 Nett 4

  • Hit the fairway, slightly left
  • Fairway wood, left into the rough. Almost in big trouble!
  • Chip onto the green
  • Left the putt short, about 6 feet left
  • Good confident putt in the middle

Good recovery from the rough and another tough hole out of the way.

Hole 9 – (+1) – 5 Nett 4

  • Missed the fairway, way right!
  • Fat chip, trying to get back into play and end up in the rough at the other side, almost bunkered
  • Chip onto the green
  • Great long putt
  • Tap in

Got away with it here, its an easy hole and really didn’t play it well so happy to stay at +1.

Hole 10 – (+2) – 6 Nett 5

  • Miss the fairway right
  • Miss the fairway right
  • SHANK!
  • Chip on, hit the McKenzie and rolls a good 40 feet away
  • Good long putt, about 4 feet left
  • Finish it off

Real disappointing hole, in a good position at the turn and then give a shot away with 3 bad shots in a row. #10 is turning into a bogey hole for me!

Hole 11 – (+2) – 5 Nett 4

  • Hit the fairway
  • Hybrid over the hazard, miss the green short (just)
  • Short sided again, chip up to the fringe at the back of the green
  • Putt on and close
  • Tap in

Good steady hole, almost made GIR and then almost putted in from the fringe.

Hole 12 – (+2) – 4 Nett 4

  • Miss the fairway left, but good solid drive
  • Really poor chip, about 70 yards left and leave it short of the green.
  • Chip on about 10 feet past the hole
  • Up and down! good scrambling putt

Happy with the drive even though it missed the fairway, #12 is a hard driving hole and can be a real card wrecker so happy with a par.

Hole 13 – (+2) – 6 Nett 5

  • Miss the fairway, right
  • Hybrid, good recovery down the fairway
  • SHANK!
  • Chip onto the green but a long way left
  • Good effort up to the hole
  • Steady putt about 6 feet

Poor finish to the hole, with ANOTHER shank, not a disaster though escaping with a 6.

Hole 14 – (E) – 2 Nett 1

  • Hybrid, onto the green about 10 feet left
  • IN THE HOLE!!! Birdie and in the prizes

Great hole, long par 3 and hit the green well, then a good mid length putt to get the birdie. Turned out there were 24 2’s on the day so only won £3 but it all counts.

Hole 15 – (-1) – 5 Nett 4

  • Miss the fairway, left
  • Hybrid down the middle
  • Wedge to the green from about 90 yards
  • Good first putt to leave about 3 feet
  • Another Par!

Good drive, hit the sloping fairway and ran off into the rough, 2nd shot really made the hole, GIR and 2 putts.

Hole 16 – (E) – 6 Nett 5

  • Miss the fairway, right
  • Punchy 6 iron to get back into play, about 130 yards to go
  • punchy 5 iron straight into the wind, short of the green
  • Chip onto the green, about 15 feet left
  • Good effort but its a near miss and a dropped shot
  • Tap in

Straight into the wind, stroke index 2, playing very long today. Drive didn’t help made it a very long hole and really it deserved a dropped shot.

Hole 17 – (+1) – 5 Nett 4

  • Miss the green, short right
  • PROVISIONAL – Miss the green, long right
  • PROVISIONAL – Miss the green, short left but safe!
  • Found the 1st ball and chipped onto the green
  • Raced the putt past the hole
  • Terrible putt, right straight off the club and missed the hole
  • Tap in, dropped shot

All in all a pretty bad hole, could have really been in trouble with a potential 5 off the tee. Found the 1st ball but another 3 putt and another dropped shot.

Hole 18 – (+2) – 6 Nett 5

  • Missed the fairway, left
  • PROVISIONAL – Smashed it straight down the middle
  • Found the first ball, hack it out and back into play
  • About 180 to go, hybrid onto the fringe
  • Chip onto the green, about 6 feet left
  • Another missed putt, never on line
  • Tap in, dropped shot

A disappointing way to end the round with 3 dropped shots but still pleased with the overall score.

Final Total – 88 Nett 72 (+2)

Fairways – 5/14 – 36%
GIR – 3/18 – 17%
Putts – 35
Par 3’s – 3.5
Par 4’s – 5.25
Par 5’s – 5.5

Front 9 – 43 Nett 35 (+1)

Fairways – 4/7 – 57%
GIR – 1/9 – 11%
Putts – 18

Back 9 – 45 Nett 37 (+1)

Fairways – 1/7 – 14%
GIR – 2/9 – 22%
Putts – 17

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