How do i get into golf?

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Getting started with golf

I was messaged recently & asked a really simple question

how do i get started with golf?

At first i didn’t really give it much thought, I just jumped in and answered, “go to your local golf course & i’m sure they will help you out.”

Now that I’ve thought about it I still think that’s a perfectly good answer and i would like to think that if someone walked into our golf club asking for help they would get it.

I think it shows a problem with golf as a global sport that someone has to answer that question.

I want to give it a try, but how? I’m interested but i don’t know what to do?

Problems getting into golf


Golf can be quite an expensive sport to get started with, even a cheap set of clubs will be over £100.

Then with golf balls, gloves, golf course membership it soon starts stacking up before you have even decided if its the sport for you.


Where do you actually go to play golf?

Golf doesn’t have leisure centres or parks with goal posts, its even quite rare in the UK that you could go and watch professional golf and be inspired to play.

Mainstream Sports

Golf is not a sport that is likely to be talked about at school, due to the overwhelming popularity of other sports like football and the difficulty involved in teaching golf it can’t be incorporated into a balanced education.


What do we do to encourage new starters in the game of golf?

Open days

Up & down the UK golf clubs will open their doors for open competitions, however these aren’t really aimed at new starters as you need your own equipment & a valid handicap.


Golf lessons are available literally everywhere! But is it obvious that you could have these without even having your own clubs?


Some golf courses offer reduced membership rates to juniors or female members to encourage them to take up the game.


Can Golf Courses do more to encourage new starters to take up golf?

Tell me what you think the golf industry could do to get more people to pick up a golf club!

Are you looking to start playing golf? Let me know what you think, what problems you may have had, why you haven’t started already?


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